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Courtship Ritual, Western Highland  Papua New Guinea : Photographer Tim Allen (2011)
There are many definitions of anthropology and anthropologists.
"...the future of anthropology lies in the changing of who "we" are from an exclusive western 'we', to an inclusive global 'we'...In fieldwork we go to study with, or under, other people who become our guides and tutors....
                             Anthropology is philosophy with the people in" Tim Ingold (1992)
Whether it's global, local, your own or anothers, in some shape or form we all think about how other cultures express their identities.
In todays multicultural society an understanding of anthropology provides an important cross-cultural perspective of the world.    
Ever thought about why people do what they do, but they don’t know why they do it?
Amazed by the rich tapestry of different cultures? Would you like to learn more about the social customs of different societies?
Whether you have travelled the globe and marvelled at the cross cultural range of human diversity, studying at university,
want to create a professional bridge between business and culture, or expand your understanding of what makes us human, 
there is an anthropology pathway available for you. 
  Culture in Mind is an anthropology and educational consultancy specialising in the following wide ranging services
Anthropology educational courses, cultural workshops and taster days
Private individual  and group tuition for A level, BA, MA, MSc and Phd anthropology pathways. 
Anthropology and Business Consultancy, eth
nographic training, indepth interviews, qualitative workshops
Independent academic and ethnographic short and long term research projects, reports and evaluation
 Devising focus grouos and oral history training workshops
 Public and private museum
gallery talks   
 Cultural events, private and group visits.
Consultancy Service
Whether personally, academically or professionally, if you wish to develop a greater understanding of what culture is and how this relates to the beliefs, similarities and differences between societies, there are a wide range of anthropology options available to inspire and develop your journey further. Please explore the website for current anthropology modules, read the blog or contact me for further details if you require a bespoke consultancy service.    

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